Fiddlers' Tour

The Capital Region's Weekly Traditional Music Jam

Favorite/Frequently Played Tunes at Fiddlers' Tour

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Old Timey

Reels, Marches, Hornpipes, etc.


Session Sets 

Variations abound, but that doesn't stop us from playing together. Tunes are handed down from person to person, each musician adding his or her own interpretation or style to the tune (ye olde "folk process"), which means there's no one "right" way to play a tune -- just different ways. In written music, the same tune may vary from book to book. Below are the tunes and books we use most often (if you don't have a book, you can usually look on with someone at the jam).

NOTE: Tunes on the list pages are shown with book and page #'s following, and are taken from:

FF = The Fiddler's Fakebook (David Brody/Oak Publications)
PC1 = Portland Collection #1 (Susan Songer)
PC2 = Portland Collection #2 (Susan Songer)
NE = New England Fiddler's Repertoire (Fiddlecase Books)
W1 = Waltz Book #1 (Bill Matthiesen)
W2 = Waltz Book #2 (Bill Matthiesen)
W3 = Waltz Book #3 (Bill Mattiesen)
S = Sheet Handout / Tour author or unknown
0 = no reference

Fiddlers Fakebook is available off the shelf in most larger book stores. Others may be found online through Andy's Front Hall (or you may contact the publisher).


Upcoming Events

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